Sora - Our new reality

What does it mean for us?

Hello My Friend

Alright, I need to write about this.

Last week half of the internet lost its mind (me included) when OpenAI dropped Sora - their text to video AI model.

Let me start by saying - What the… Fuck is going on haha. 🙃

Once again we enter the cycle of AI adoption (I wrote about this last week, if you want to read it).

Just like our minds were trying to make sense of Midjourney or ChatGPT when it was released, we’re trying to make sense of what Sora means for our reality.

It’s a giant cannonball dropped in the middle of our society, sending ripples across it.

First thing - the videos showcased look freaking real. When we look closer (and we need to, if we want to see it) we can see distortions, but we need to look veeery close and we need to know what we’re looking for (person in white pants on the left).

Generated with Sora

What does this mean for us?

Bring out the chairs, cause we’re making movies!!!

Generated with Sora

Ok, maybe not quite yet.

Still, Sora is an incredible step forward. Here is a comparison with a Pikalabs clip I made a few weeks ago.

Left sora - Right Pika

AI is transformative and disruptive, we’ve gotten to know this. Sora is no different. We will all feel the disruption.

Empowerment of individuals.

I expect the end of the year will bring a lot of independent movies made by small teams or even individuals (I’m working on a few myself). They might not be Hollywood-level productions, but they are getting better and better.

Disruption of the professional industry.

With individuals being able to create movies, the production landscape will be changing. Those who adapt to the new technology will have an incredible head start before others.

Collapse of reality.

Let’s not forget about this. We are entering an era where it will be difficult to say what is real and what is generated. We will all be playing the game of “Is this real or AI” very soon - to a degree we already are.

Real or AI?

Before we make these technologies available to the wide public, it would be good to create safeguards and release them responsibly. OpenAI has stated on their site, they are doing this, so let’s hope we avoid the most dangerous scenarios - we definitely can’t predict everything and as such, surprises will come up all over the place.

We’re still early.

But we’re going fast. Way too fast for humans to adapt. Everyone who saw the Sora demo and has some knowledge about AI lost their minds. Everything I wrote in this post rushed into our brains all at once. This has long-term implications beyond our imagination. As early adopters, we’re leading this transformation - let’s do it with empathy for humans and society. 💛

On the other hand, I see this and I get a sense of relief thinking - “We’re still good. 😁👌🏻”

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