AI does 80% of my work

Simple video concepts

Hello My Friend

I’ve had a video concept in mind for while - great opportunity to play around with AI right?

The concept is simple - a person sitting crosslegged, meditating, as the seasons pass them by.

I made a video walkthrough of how I made the video and it goes like this:

I wrote the scenes out - The character sitting crosslegged on a rock during spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

I uploaded these to Katalist and chose the cinematic style. I didn’t specify the character, so it chose one at random.

Some of the shots didn’t have the same pose, so I rerun them with light prompt adjustments.

At this point, I’m already more or less done, buuut, I got an idea, if the character ages.

Soo, in each frame I changed the character to a teenager, adult and elderly.

Katalist also has a pose function, so I can keep a consistent pose across all of my images.

I took these into runway and applied Multi-motion brush to them, using mostly ambient movement.

added music from Epidemic Ssound and adjusted the pacing to get the final result.

What are the takeaways from this?

I went from concept to execution incredibly fast:

  • Write down the shotlist

  • Adjust image prompts a bit

  • Choose the type of movement

AI delivered everything else. Simple concept also plays a big part in this. AI is not at the level to execute more complex concepts as easily and cleanly as this one.

Imagine having 80% of the work done, giving you the time and space to think: how could I make this better? How can I refine the details to create a seamless storytelling experience for the viewer?

AI is opening a new way of storytelling. Like comic books, or photography. How can we tell effective stories in these new formats?

As long as we keep creating and have fun, we should be fine. ☀️

Oh, if you want, you can still watch the video version of this workflow. 😁✌🏻

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