Do What You're Good at.

Human x AI storytelling

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Humans are creators.

We have been creating for thousands of years. From cave paintings, statues, architecture, fashion… - we are driven to create, to express, to explore.

What about AI?

It has immense output in different languages - text, image, video, audio… Isn’t that the core of creation - output?

Depends on the output. Leaving it to AI, the output is plain, generic, boring. It has no personality, style or flavor.

Which is something we humans are very good at. Thousands of cultures, millions of unique personalities.

This is why combining human and AI storytelling is THE most powerful framework for storytellers today.



Do what you’re good at.

If you’re a writer, write. If you’re a video editor, edit. If you’re an illustrator, illustrate.

Just because we have all this available output, doesn’t mean we have to use all of it. While AI can do “everything” it does not have the refined expertise you have. The skills and experience you have worked for over the years. Make those your pillar from which you direct your creations.

Create an emotional journey as a writer/video editor/illustrator and use AI as an assistant to for other mediums and areas of your creation. Additionally, this expansion will let you explore these new mediums and experiment with new storytelling formats.

The speed and scale of creation AI allows us to leapfrog learning. Which I personally find one of the best uses of AI.

By using this framework you’ll be able to tell more stories, while still having control over the message and emotional journey in your work.

I’m sharing other uses, prompts and workflows in our group daily. If you want to move ahead of others, join us. 🤗

Keep creating and always remember to have fun. ☀️