Product design on steroids

Rapid iteration with Stable Diffusion

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Let’s get to today's topic - product design with Stable Diffusion.

Product design with AI is not exactly a new topic. There are hundreds of concepts made everyday, which is no surprise and AI is incredible for concept designs.

I want to share one of my workflows for product design using scripts in Stable Diffusion.

A fun thing that scripts allow is changing parts of the prompt. We can use the X/Y/Z plot with Prompt S/R (search and replace).

In the values we can write the words inside the prompt we want to replace along with the words we want to replace it with.

Base prompt: Studio Product photograph of a luxury, geometric shaped perfume glass bottle, with pastel blue and pink colors, highly detailed and realistic,

This will create a grid with all the possible combinations.

We can run through A LOT of ideas quickly and quite precisely with the parameters we change. We can change the controlNET influence, Lora strength inside the prompt, prompts, sampling steps, etc.

We can select the design we like, put it into ControlNET and create further variations with it.

We can again change the prompt S/R to what we want to vary and explore. I also adapt the base prompt a bit to include new features.

Base prompt: Studio Product photograph of a luxury, organic shaped perfume glass bottle, featuring a flower symbol with pastel blue and pink colors, highly detailed and realistic,

And we get our grid again.

I love this process. It allows us to go deeper and refine our idea more and more, while keeping the same width of exploration on each step.

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If you’re itching for more workflows, you can find written guides here.

I’m also doing 1 on 1 classes for Stable Diffusion and Visual storytelling with AI.

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