Golden ratio in images

Using design principles with Stable Diffusion

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Have you heard of the Fibonacci spiral? The golden Ratio?

You probably have.

I want to show you one way you can combine it with AI.

Using ControlNET in Stable Diffusion, we can control the basic layout of our image. If we upload an image of a Fibonacci spiral, we can prompt our image on top of it.

Simple idea, but very powerful. It allows us to create with intention.

We can use a few controlNET models - canny, brightness or the QR code one. I suggest going with canny to start with, as it already comes with the ControlNET extension.

I recommend lower Control Weight, as I we want the images to look natural, without having the golden ration seared into them.

Prompt - Hobbit hole

Golden ratio is not the only map we can use for our images.

Prompt - Beach with a rainbow, iridescent colors

Prompt - Thailand village

The ControlNET maps can be anything. You can draw your own black-and-white composition and use it as a base for your images.

Here are a few more examples from the Stable Diffusion Reddit community.



Exploring and having fun with AI is wonderful. When it comes to professional work, we have a vision we’re trying to execute. Having full control over the composition and layout of our images is an important part of this process.

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