Community Invite

Would love to have you!

Hello friend

Thank you for signing up to the group waitlist. I am delighted to have you here. 🤗

I’m happy to say - it is time.

To invite you to the group and share what I’ve been building. Or more accurately what we’ve been building.

I’ve partnered with the Prompt Engineering Institute to create a group that will help you connect with other professionals, learn and grow together.

We want to help you reach the next level of your career.

Empower you with knowledge and skills that we have developed working with creative agencies and studios across different fields - from production, design, advertising, marketing…

Our goal is to create a group of meaningful connections. Imagine everyone sitting together at the dinner table, sharing food and conversations.

So, what will you find in this group?

  • Community of professionals - an opportunity to connect, collaborate and grow together.

  • Content from us and you. We have selected tags to help filter by topic - prompting, workflows, art, news, discussions - We want to keep the content clear and focused. No noise.

  • Distilled news on AI developments.

  • Walkthroughs and tutorials. We’ve uploaded courses to get you started. (prompt libraries, prompt explanations, beginners course covering skills, software, etc.)

  • We are working on many advanced and high-level courses and workshops. The group will be first to access them and receive discounts.

All of this is for free.

The group is invite-only at the moment.

AI is an incredibly fast-paced and overwhelming space. I’ve been in it for 2 years and I still feel it.

It is an exciting time to be a creator. And it’s only going to get more exciting. Best to have people to share this crazy journey with. 😁

Hope to see you in the group. Jump in at any time and start exploring the materials we prepared.

Keep creating and always remember to have fun. ☀️