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How can we control our creative work.

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ControlNET has been around for a while now (coming up to a year). It’s one of the major AI features when it comes to image (and subsequently video) generation. With a reason. It offers a level of control (it’s in the name after all) over our creative work.

I want to highlight three use cases today, that transform your creative work.

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Use an image to drive our AI generations.

First one are compositions. By drawing our composition (by hand, finding reference) we can use AI to build on top of that.

As in this example using a spiral composition:

Here are a few more examples:

Second are "Images inside Images.”

We can use text, logo, faces, paintings… as guidance and generate on top of them with AI.

An example with Mona Lisa:

Few more examples here:

ControlNET + IP Adapter

We can use ControlNET for the composition and IP adapter for the subject/prompt.

With this combination, we can put characters into specific scenes.

As seen in this example:



Few more examples here:

ControlNET + Animate Diffusion

Video is a sequence of images and as such, we can use ControlNET to keep the movement consistent

Here are two examples:

We started with text prompts and now we’ve been adding more and more controls beyond that.

The future of AI is multimodal, we need to look beyond text-only prompts.

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