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What I'm using at the moment

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Now, let’s get into today’s topic - AI Creator Tech stack

It’s very easy to get excited and also overwhelmed, with all the developments in the generative AI field.

Midjourney has a new update - Gotta jump on that.

Canva is releasing a bunch of AI features - I need to try that.

A new video generator? - Yes, please.

While the general idea of prompts and parameters can be translated across different platforms, each of them tries to differentiate by specializing.

And that is the same way we as users should be looking at choosing the platforms as well - What is your specialty?

While experimentation is fun and beneficial for growth, don’t go reinventing your whole process and workflow every time a new platform comes out with an update.

Look at your creative work, break it down into steps and use software that helps you deliver your work and feels comfortable and fun for you to use.

So, here are the platform and software that I have been consistently going back to to create my work.

Image generation and manipulation - Stable Diffusion

If you open my mails, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been using Stable Diffusion more and more.

It covers all of the bases for me, consistently and reliably. I can create beautiful images, I can create intentional images and I’ve gotten comfortable using it.

While Midjourney, Dalle and other image generators might be good at creating beautiful images, I too often miss having fine tune control over the creation process.

Video Generation - Runway & Pika Labs

Video generators are becoming so good. Both Runway and Pika labs are adding controllable camera motions, moving from simple text prompts to having higher control over the scene.

I also enjoy the text and image features in Pika Labs. It gives possibility for some very fun visuals.

Music - FullJourney

A bit surprisingly, FullJourney has been my favorite music generator. Along with music, it offers images and videos as well.

It’s controlled by a text prompt only, with a few parameter choices.

Voices - ElevenLabs and Lovo

These two have been around for a while and they are still my go-to for character voices, narration and voiceovers.

The choices and legibility of the voices are fantastic. With a bit of playing around, the emphasis can also be controlled.

Large Language Model - Poe

LLM’s are just freaking great. Anything that involves discussion and conversation can be done with a Large Language model.

I use the platform Poe, as it has all of the standard LLM’s along with the option to create your own specialized bots, based on the standard models. There is also a community tab, where people publish their specialized bots.

Group Collaboration - Fabrie

When collaborating with a team or a group, I like to use Whiteboard type platforms, such as Miro or Milanote.

Another platform is Fabrie, which has been focusing heavily on integrating AI into a whiteboard space. These features come in handy when I want to quickly get and answer or showcase an example during a class. Instead of switching tabs and going to a different platform, it happens all in one place.

The choices for AI tools are plenty. One is not better than the other, each serves a purpose and offers a different workflow.

Choose the ones that help you create what you want to create.

If you want to have a deeper understanding of the tools and workflows I use, you can take a look at the sessions I’m doing.

You can also find written guides here, if that is your preferred learning method.

If you have questions, reach out at any time. My messages are always open.

As always, keep creating, and don’t forget to have fun. ☀