3 lessons on Creating with AI

Anime intro, Prompting assistant, architectural design.

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I’ve got a bomb of content for you today.

First is a workflow of creating a simple Anime Intro with Cuebric:

  • Ideation with ChatGPT

  • Generating music + lyrics with SunoAI

  • Creating a shotlist according to the lyrics with ChatGPT

  • Image generation, segmentation and inpainting in Cuebric

  • Putting it together in Davinci Resolve

Step by step walkthrough in the video here:

The second is a live session with June Chow. We walked through her process of designing architectural concepts:

  • having a structure we build upon is essential to creating work that stands out.

  • Knowledge and experience is where we can find our voice and differentiate from others.

  • Curation and selectiveness are becoming more and more valuable skills.

Watch the whole session here:

Third is a live session with Jonathan IJzerman. We did a deep dive into prompting:

  • Prompting ChatGTP to create Midjourney prompts

  • How much automation can we do?

  • Working on client projects with this setup

  • How to Jonathan creates a custom GPT.

You can watch the whole session here:

Having personalized assistants as shown by Jonathan is becoming an increasingly more valuable asset for creators. With AI we can enhance ourselves in ways that fit us exactly.

Building these assistants is one of the lesson I teach in my course AI-enhanced creator. If you’re looking to dive deeper into the world of AI creators, you can find it here.

Keep creating and always remember to have fun. ☀️

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